Vaccination appointments

Does anyone know if a timed appointment is made for you, or are you able to choose what time you have your vaccination?

2 of my friends, had timed appointments. 1 had a phone call inviting her, the other received a letter. Both have now received the 2nd vaccination.

I had a phone call giving me an appointment time,
followed up by a confirmation letter…
My jab was done within 10 minutes of that appointment time.

Just a slight sore arm after about 12 hours but no other after effects
except the American accent :laughing: (it was the American vaccine I had )

Thanks Albert, hopefully my wife’s appointment will be at a sensible time that I can get her to, but I doubt it. Nothing is ever that easy.

I have now taken my husband and 2 of the in-laws for their vaccinations and the appointments were all made by phone from the local doctors surgery and the people on the phone went out of their way to be helpful.
I have visited 2 vaccination venues. Both were amazingly well organised with very helpful staff who on one occasion brought a wheelchair out to the car. All done on time and no waiting.