My turn now!

Just had a letter from the NHS inviting me for my jab.
Lots of venue choices, the nearest was about 10 miles away, I’m having it done next Tuesday.
Happy to travel, I’ll be glad for an excuse to be out and about.
There were lots of questions about any access issues, which I was pleased to see, and a 2 page sheet with endless languages, some of which my son and I hadn’t heard of!
I knew they would need my NHS number, I was wondering where the heck that was, but they put it at the top of the letter. Good thinking! So if anyone else was wondering where theirs was, no need to go searching.

What is life like when going for a jab is like a day out!!

Has M been called for his?


Not yet, I’ve written to the care manager today to have an update. I don’t have a lot of confidence in his surgery, they refused to help me when M was home with me one Christmas and was clearly in need of a consultation and medication. The care manager is usually good with the surgery, a number of clients use the surgery.

I have had my jab and my wife had hers the following week. At the same place, about seven miles from home.

Not quite a day out, but nearly a morning out. For my wife, the first time out of the house for . . . I’m not sure when.

We have taken a positive view to life stuck at home, and found stimulating things to occupy our time. Even so, for my wife, the change of scenery was welcome. A drive out and a chance to have a friendly chat to the many lovely people at the Centre.

Yes, Melly, that is the way it is at present.