Second covid vaccine

hi i am a full time carer for my wife we both had our first vaccine feb 19th 2021 , so we worked it out that the second vaccine would be in may i had a letter over the weekend for my 2nd astra zeneca vaccine on the 22nd april 2021 .
i thought vaccines where spaced out to 12 weeks apart , and woundering why mine is early , and why my wife not received her letter ,
i have connacted sdsc vaccine appointments but no answer and mail box full so cant even leave a message i have tried several times since receiving my appointment
thanks for your advice

I had mine a few days early too. It’s not a problem a few days early, or late.

9 weeks is earlier than 12 weeks.

But it isn’t early per se.

According to the scientific evidence that got these vaccines approved, over 3-4 weeks is late.

So instead of 8 weeks late you got yours 5 weeks late.

For the record, I got mine 6 weeks late.