Covid vaccine for carers and am upset

Hi all, I know I’m not unique in asking for a vaccine but my husband is 74 with ms and I’m his full time carer. I’ve shielded him for nearly a year hardly seeing my children and my grandchild. I’ve been diagnosed with severe arthritis and am waiting for an appointment to see about a hip operation. I struggle everyday looking after my husband who is totally dependant on me for every aspect of his care and under normal circumstances would have asked for carers to come in to assist me due to my severe hip pain but am so frightened that he catches Covid that I am struggling on myself. I am so looking forward to him getting his vaccine with the over 70’s and will have a huge relief that he will have some immunity after his first vaccine but I will have to wait until the next priority group to be vaccinated ( I am 65) . I just want to express my disappointment that I can’t get the vaccine at the same time as my husband and until I do and then get my second dose which will be weeks after my husband he will be locked down as long as I will. Is anyone in the same situation as I am. Thanks

Hi All please ignore the last posting I did. I am just having a bad day as I’m sure all of you have experienced. I realise that there are thousands of other people who probably need and are justified to get the vaccine before me. I will just wAit my turn as everyone else has to. Think things are just getting to me and everyone else who has caring responsibilities now. So upset that I’ve posted this and don’t know how to delete it. Sorry xx

Hello Julie
Everyone needs a moan! We’re all only human,
I feel for you, My mum has arthritis of the spine and is my fathers career (dad has Parkinson’s dementia) and they’re both in their early 80s, they’ve just been told to travel 25miles on public transport if they want a jab! Or they’ll simply have to wait longer
And do you know as a career you ought to be pushed up the queue? Are you listed at your GP surgery as your hubbys career , if not call them and make sure it’s noted it might help you
The government are very clever making statements that the vaccine jabs are well under way, but is the devil in the detail …they state to “offer” so many vaccines, so how many elderly folk in my mums region have been “offered” a jab 25 miles out of area

Good luck you sound like a real trouper just like my Mum, I hope you get sorted real soon
Take care


never apologise for having a rant. We all rant now and then. I hope you have a better day today.


Thanks Chrissy and Melly I’ve had a good nights sleep and am feeling a lot better today. Thanks for your kind responses.
Julie x

I’m definitely not my usual self, my eldest sleeps like a log usually, he’s not sleeping at all well, and on TV someone else said that his sleep patterns were really disturbed.

My sleep pattern is all over the place. Some nights good. Last night terrible. Restless all night. Mind whirling. Tried the usual, reading for a while, took a paracetamol.and so on. Nothing. Today, I’m only going to do what I feel and if I feel like.

Hi Julie, I know exactly how you feel. My husband is 75, and is one of the clinically extremely vulnerable. He has had his first dose of vaccine. I am his carer and I’m 66 and, like you, I’m waiting (not so patiently) for my turn. It can be very frustrating. I too worry about what would happen to him if I caught covid in the meantime. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get ours and we can relax slightly at last. At least you can come here and get it off your chest, in a place where other people understand what you are going through :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi GrannyAnnie yes sounds like you are in the same position as me just chomping at the bit for our vaccines.

Thanks for your reply and kind words.

Hi Julie

I am in a similar situation. 81 year old husband has had his vaccine a week ago but at 59 I am way behind him. He too is very clinically vulnerable.

I am dealing with District Nurses on a fairly regular basis - 2 or 3x a week plus I do have to leave the house for somethings although I am limiting outside contact and only going to the shops when it is very quiet. My sleep patterns are pretty disturbed right now.

Hi Julie and all family carers.
My MP said to make sure that I am registered as my dad’s carer on my medical record as well as his, to access vaccine in Group 6. I am also going to show them a copy of a Carer’s Allowance letter.
He also suggested asking to be put on the leftover/ spare vaccine list especially if you could get to the vaccination centre with very little notice.
My 84 year old dad had his first vaccine on Friday. As he is housebound it was going to this appointment in a wheelchair along the road or nothing. I feel less stressed now that he has had it and so have the Community Nurses who come in. For the next 12 weeks I’m not going anywhere! Luckily neighbours do our shopping and work has let me stay home and are still paying me. It’s at times like this that you find out who your true friends are!
I did have to go out today because I’ve had toothache for weeks. I’ve tried to manage with painkillers to avoid going out but dad insisted I get it sorted . So I’m writing this with a big hole in my gum where the tooth used to be!
Stay strong. Remember you are doing a wonderful thing, caring for your relative or friend.