URGENT wife has covid vaccine appointment tomorrow

My wife had her 1st covid vaccine tomorrow and she is freaking out. We have to go somewhere she has never been which is already way too difficult. She gets really bad reactions to other vaccines and jabs. I always stay with her for appointments but no one at the drs or place we are being sent is telling us if I can stay with her.
We normally get pre visits to new sites to help her cope and understand that this isn’t possible but no one will answer any questions. I’ve been on Google and I cant find answers but my wife is sick with fear and anxiety. I can employ normal calming techniques but I’m worried they won’t help if the stress levels get too high. My wife is terrified of drs, nurses and any medical procedures. Injections terrify her too. If it’s a man giving the injection double all the regular anxiety and fear. I’m anxious for her at this point.

Hello, David. This is difficult at short notice, but I’ll try.

Go with your wife and stay with her. When you get there, discuss any concerns. Surely you can stay with her? She is your wife after all. Explain to her that she must consider the risks of her catching the COVID-19 against the unfamiliarity of the Centre.

If when you get there there the staff agree that there is a problem, then she will not be forced to have the injection and alternative arrangements will be made. Don’t just miss the appointment. If you do that it will be much more difficult to arrange the alternative appointment that your wife needs.

Right stop worrying straight away. I went with my husband as a carer. Like many other carers. No one is going to question you. You are there as a husband and carer is absolutely fine. You can speak to the receptionist. Which there are usually two and explain the situation. There are several people giving the vaccination. You can talk about your wife needs. And I have no doubt you will be accommodated. The staff and volunteers are all welcoming and accommodating.

The vaccination centres want everyone to feel OK. And don’t want to have people stressing out. It’s all very low key.

You can ask for a female and also state to cover over any equipment. Try and get your wife to look away. I sure you will be holding her hand and get her to just look at you.

I have been twice and it was the same each time.

Thank you. I just wish there was a clear piece of information online that stays a carer can stay if required. Our gp originally said my wife could have her vaccine with them as they offer then for people that can’t travel then last moment they changed their mind. I just want it over with if I’m honest.

My wife understands the risks of covid as her mum is CEV but being autistic those logical thoughts have no power during a meltdown. Fear can make her so vulnerable that fight or flight kicks in and at that point you can’t talk her down. If it happens in public when she remains logical thought she gets severely depressed as she is embarrassed.

Yes, I know to well it’s easy to said than done!!

When I had my jab there was a group of learning disabled adults. And what I saw was the staff being very calm. And the general public were taking little or not notice at all. And some of the disabled adults were at a high speech volume. But again everyone there was excepting of their situation.

I think you will find other people have there own concerns. And are not really that interested in what is happening elsewhere.

How about putting a post on the Autism community.


The jab appointment went as well as it could. My wife was shaking for.most of it and struggling to stand on her stick I asked for a chair for her but they wouldn’t give us one while we were waiting. But when we actually got in the lady doing the jab was lovely. The woman asking her details was quite abrupt and demanded my wife talk even when I explained she is non verbal under stress.

Ultimate not brilliant but OK. Grabbed my wife a macdonalds on the way home and am making a point of saying how well she did.

So glad it went fairly well. I forgot you were going this morning. I think it unacceptable your wife wasn’t able to sit. From start to finish at the vaccine centre I used they want everyone to sit down. This is to conform to social distancing.

We had to stand on dots. My wife feels really poorly now and has a slight fever. I’ll he keeping an eye on her for the next 48 hours are we were told. She get some reaction with most vaccines but they weren’t worried. If It doesn’t ease by Monday I will be calling her gp and it it gets worse before then i will ring 111.

A week ago I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine. The next day I had a pounding headache and I was vomiting repeatedly for hours. I felt exhausted and ill all week.
Apparently these are common side effects for 1 in 10 people !!!
A week later I am getting better but still feeling tired.

I had a headache for just over 2days. A friend had the same, and her husband had the ,’ chills’. The doctor who gave me my vaccine said it’s a sign the vaccine can fight.
I expect trying to explain to someone with anxiety etc that the effects are short term is difficult.

David I did have a red mark and a slight lump where I was injected. But this year I and my husband also had a rash on our arms from the flu injection.

My husband had the Pfizer and no reactions at all. I had the Astra the side affect I experienced was 1 in 10.

You can put your details on the yellow card site. https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/

There is data somewhere I read, The numbers of (mind expected) reactions where in the thousands. However, as there as been Millions of doses given. The percentage where considered to be relative.

Hope you both feel better soon!!

My wife is not well at all today. Fever, chills, sweats, exhaustion, headache, muscle pains and swelling of her arm. Keeping my eye on her.

Hello again, David. I’m glad that your wife made it to the vaccination centre, though I am sorry to hear that a couple of points were not as good as they should have been. At least you both know what to expect for the second vaccination.

Your wife had to stand for too long for comfort. This may be due to the social distance queuing, keeping people 2 m apart. A suggestion - could you borrow from somewhere a wheelchair for your next visit? My wife uses a wheelchair and when we went for her vaccination they were very accommodating, and yes I was able to stay with her throughout the proceedings.

I’m sorry that your wife seems to be suffering from after-effects. These will probably subside but from your earlier post you clearly know what to do if things to get worse.

Best wishes!

Oh well done David to you and your wife. I am taking S on Friday - he has autism and is very needle phobic - so wish us luck! I will be employing every trick in the book to try and make it as stress-free as I can. I’ll be relieved when we’re done.

We are having the AstraZeneca - I’m hearing mixed experiences re side effects from folk we know. Sorry you have been so poorly Karen.

Shall keep reminding myself that side effects are better than having Covid …


Thank you Melly and I really hope it goes well for your son on Friday.