Our local shop supposed to be only 3 people in at a time, a big sign , Please wait until someone comes out, one out, one in.

There was one member of staff, who kept going into the back, no one on the checkouts, more and more people came in the shop, starting queuing at the checkout, me included.

Customers were completely ignoring the big sign by the door.

So i guess there was 15 customers in the store, a member of staff turned up to go on the checkout another one came to stop more customers coming in.

We are all supposed to be good and follow the rules, the staff and customers completely ignored the rules.

I won’t be going there again but i have no choice its my local shop i go to for a paper, bread and milk etc.

So who do i report this to?

A real good risk of passing on infection it was like playing sardines.


This is one of the reasons why numbers of cases are so high, drives me mad.

Personally, I would ask the shop when they are usually at their quietest and go then.

You could use this form https://www.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about/c19/tell-us-about-possible-breach-coronavirus-measures/

or call 101 or email/message your local police force.


Hello, Londonbound. People vary enormously in their response to the distancing guidelines.

One the one hand, I can be walking along the pavement of a quiet road - hardly anyone else around in the wide open. Someone comes the other way and, well before reaching me, walks right out into the middle of the road to pass.

On the other hand, I am walking along the aisle of a shop. In front a group of three people is obstructing the aisle. I hold back, waiting for the group to clear. Someone from behind pushes past me and pushes their way through the group.

It is difficult to keep a two-metre gap 100% of the time. The occasional close pass, where people are less than 2 m apart for a fraction of a second, is probably of minimum risk. In this situation I turn my head away from the other person and they usually do likewise.

However, when a small shop contains many more people than the maximum allowed, this is flagrant disregard of the rules. I have found that most shop staff do politely advise customers if they are breaching guidelines. However mass-disobedience by customers may be difficult to control.

If a complaint to the shop manager does not work, Melly has some good advice.

Go to ALL shops early in the morning because the air is fresh then and loads of people have not been breathing in there
and possibly putting covid into the air.

“The early bird never gets the wormy covid!”

Agree with the above reply. Visit shops early in the morning when they’re at their quietest.

Alternatively if it’s a supermarket or a bigger shop, go late at night. These places are sometimes open well up until 10pm :slight_smile:

I do xclick and collect with Tesco once a week. On Fridays, I go to get the local paper and anything I forgot to put on my Tesco list. Waitrose is very quiet at lunchtime, I can go in, never a queue, get what I want and leave. That’s all my weekly shopping. So boring but hopefully keeping me safe.