Current relaxing of restrictions

how do you . friends . family . feel about the current relaxing of restrictions made out by the goverment ???

Much more threatened than before. I live in the New Forest, the figures have soared for infections.
Right now, I wish there were gates to the Forest to keep the visitors out!
I know it’s antisocial, but I have serious health issues and it’s very worrying. So for now, Tesco Click and Collect will be the highlight of my week!

HI Dean,

frankly, I’m concerned. No limits on numbers, no need to socially distance and no masks all at a time when numbers of cases are rising. Also there is no legal requirement to give your personal details when going to places where this was a requirement previously - increasing the risk of mixing unknowingly with people who have been exposed/have Covid.

I appreciate that we cannot stay under restrictions indefinitely, but feel this is too much at the same time.


I agree Melly - too much, too soon :frowning: Despite having had both jabs I certainly won’t be giving up wearing a mask or socially distancing anytime soon.

I agree with you all. I’m not ready to throw caution to the wind. My neighbours 13yr old has covid, poor girl. Lots of pupils from the school have it. Despite the statement made that younger groups are less likely to contract it.

I agree too. I am going to keep on wearing my mask, social distance and avoid crowded places and shop early when I need to go out - thankfully most grocery shopping done online.

That said, I am going to socialise as and when I can with trusted friends who are similarly careful ideally meeting where we can sit outside. I will continue to go to the library but go at 10am when it opens. It is so hard to get the balance right but the rising number of cases frightens me. Also none of us know how long the vaccine lasts and I would guess that those who had it early may well have waning immunity now and they are the most vulnerable, but hope I am wrong.

I hardly dare say this, but things are looking more optimistic. Infection rates are now falling.

The contributors to this Forum, along with many others, are being sensible and taking precautions beyond those now required. One factor that may have helped is the school holidays starting. When the schools reopened in March, against falling infection rates, infection started to rise, but only for two or three weeks. Another factor could be the end of the World Cup, which encouraged people crowding, and not just in football stadia.

I am pleased that care homes are continuing to apply precautions, even though this restricts visiting.

Let us not become too complacent however; schools will reopen in September (earlier in Scotland).

Hospital admissions and deaths are still rising, but these figures inevitably lag the new infection figures. Let us all pull together and help to keep the infection rates falling still more.

I wore my mask yesterday in a retail park. In the shops anyway. Still glad to take it off outside as always. From what I could see 90% of people wore them. The ones who didn’t may have been exempt anyway but kept a distance. Still hand gel in shops. So maybe Denis your positive thoughts are correct. We have to have hope.

I agree Denis, and like you I’m glad to see a decent proportion of people are wearing masks, SD and so on.

Like you Pet, we are wearing masks inside public place - and it’s always good to take mask off once leave a shop!!

I want to think positive but am concerned cases are falling because less people are testing - and therefore going about their business without knowing that they are infected (or not wanting to know whether they are infected or not.)


We have to stay safe there is a say “HEALTH IS WEALTH” I got tuberculosis two year back these days are the worst day of my life I got loss of weight 70 KG to 55 KG then getting proper treatment and giving attention to my self I got my health back. Thank God my advice is to be safe not to interact with too much person No hand shake wear mask when get outside from home use sanitizer.