Lock Down what lock down?

Went to the shop on Friday because it was supposed to be snowing weekend, supermarket is on one of the main roads into town.

Just hundreds of cars coming into my town, WHY, we are supposed to be in Lock down, essential journeys only.

So where were all these people going?

And the supermarket car park was full, had to park in the reserve car park, right down at the end.

People just aren’t taking this seriously.

There are signs all over town, protect the NHS, save lifes.

Why weren’t the Police out, stopping all these cars, asking where they are going, giving out fines?

It’s the same here Londonbound. Lots of people driving (where?!); people not wearing masks; people having visitors … Meanwhile, the same folk are following the rules - again.


The New Forest was crawling with “grockles” (local nickname for visitors) last weekend.
Happily, we now have the lowest infection rate in Hampshire, but we do worry about visitors bringing infection with them, as there was a real spike around Christmas.

One of my neighbours has family staying, recognise the car, but i am sure they are not allowed, comes from another county.

We are not allowed to travel to another county, we are in lockdown.

I am obeying the rules, so frustrating, my caree moving house needs furniture but we are not allowed to go buy it.

Essential journeys only.

Possibly, Londonbound, like yourself, lots of people were trying to avoid the anticipated snow on the Saturday.

Essential journeys would, I presume, include journeys to essential shops - supermarkets and other stores allowed to open during the lockdown.

I was in town yesterday; the mall was almost deserted and even at the supermarket it was quieter than usual, suggesting that people had stocked up last week. The local paper regularly has stories of the police pouncing on people disobeying the lockdown rules - in some cases travelling considerable distances. But the police can’t be everywhere of course.

Supermarkets have done well out of this pandemic; they have picked up sales of goods normally bought from shops that cannot open. Delivery services have boomed as well. We make good use of online delivery service. The vans often bear the name of a van hire company, not the supermarket livery. Sign of the times.