Social distancing-pavements blocked/difficulties

Hi to everyone here, I hope that you’re all coping the best that you can under the circumstances.

Yesterday my Son and I went out for a short walk and a little fresh air, it was cooler but refreshing.
My Son had a particular difficult day, having to stop and rest due to feeling tired; this then affects his balance. Despite this we kept our distance.

We choose our walk where the pavements are wide because we can’t just jump out of the way (due to his disability and my age) if bikes come along and social distancing.

There was an ice cream shop open with quite a few people in the queue. A group of 7 young teenagers stood in a group just outside of the door, then there was a few adults but instead of standing in a line alongside the other shops that were closed; they decided to block the pavement with a queue!

There was a lot of cars parked, so not safe for us to walk onto the road to avoid this. We said excuse me but they didn’t move!!! As we struggled to get past one particular woman gave us a horrified stare because we had no choice but to walk near her!!! Too interested in her ice cream to give a damn about the fact that people like ourselves cannot jump out of the way!

Why are some people thoughtless and selfish!

Its not all like that, I have had quite a few thank you’s, when I have waited allowing to people to get past.
Majority of people have been nice its just a few bad apples that spoil things.


we had a a similar issue at the start of Lockdown as we walked past a small local supermarket. There was one customer waiting by the door and one blocking the pavement, by standing in the middle instead of alongside the shop wall. The pavement by the shops edges a car park so a row of parked cars. We waited for her to move, but in the end had no choice but to walk as best we could between the two customers. She shouted at us and was really rude. I asked her what she expected us to do, she said we should have walked around all the parked cars into the traffic path!! Luckily Spar staff saw what was going on and the next time we walked that way, they had put queue markings alongside the building so people could walk past. It did make me cross. I have spent years teaching S to stay on the pavement, not cross between parked cars etc.

Afterwards I thought is should have retorted, “it takes two to social distance”

Londonbound, I agree more people are considerate than aren’t, thank goodness.


Hi Londonbound

I agree, that in the main most people have been polite and pleasant and have kept their social distance.

However this selfish behaviour from some people is so frustrating; they don’t think!

I hope that your weekend ahead will be a pleasant one.


I’ve just been to Milford on Sea, people queuing for sandwiches, no one allowed in the shop, so in a line outside, but the pavement is only about 4 feet wide!! If they stood along the shop fronts it would help, but some were near the kerb, and the inevitable person oblivious to what was going on, because they were on their phones!!

Hi Melly1

So you understood my plight!

I see Spar did something about it though and that’s good that they recognised the difficulties some people face.

Last week once again we went for our walk, this time the ice cream shop had put a tape alongside the front of their shop, so that people could queue safely in a straight line and not towards the pavement. So they’ve either recognised it or someone has complained. Some people have no common sense though!

I hope that you also enjoy the weekend.


Hi bowlingbun

It seems that many people are not thinking or not considering people with disabilities and or anyone else for that matter/social distancing. The mobile phone is a great invention and one many rely on for help however it does appear to take people away from the here and now; so they are unaware of their immediate surroundings and what is actually happening.

Last year my Son and I were crossing the inlet and outlet of a very busy supermarket, so great caution is needed here. As we were walking towards it, there was a young woman with a baby in a buggy and a little toddler around 2 maybe 3 wandering behind her; she crossed this busy/dangerous part of the pavement and left this little fella to his own devices, so engrossed in her phone to notice anything! Then we heard a vehicles horn and then a man’s voice shouting; take care of your child love!

You won’t believe what she did next! She turned around and said to the child, " Look you, you’re getting me into trouble and carried on engrossed in her phone! Beggars belief doesn’t it!

I hope that you also have a pleasant weekend.