Should i have crossed the road?

Walking down to the local shop, a bloke parked in a layby, got out the car coughing, went to the takeaway, got out his food came out still coughing, got back in his car and drove off.

I kept a safe distance but walked past the takeaway, is that alright, should I have done that, or should I have crossed the road to avoid the space where he was coughing?

I have just been given so little information, I social distance, wash my hands, everything the government says but still worried.

I would have…

London bound

Me too. I would have avoided.

You can just hope it was a smokers cough.

Quite possible, I’ve had a bit of a cough for three weeks now, probably nicotine related, it started with a mild sore throat which soon went but left me with a cough. Sore throat was not listed as a Covid symptom, I’ve not had a temperature or any other symptoms, the cough was productive (phlegm) and neither aggressive or particularly persistent. It was worse first thing in the morning as is fairly normal where both catarrh and phlegm are involved,(the difference between lying down and standing up) it’s fading now I’m pleased to say.

I’ve managed to disguise it whilst out shopping! B)