Universal Credit


I had a phonecall to say I’ve got to attend a Universal Credit interview. I asked the woman to explain what’s involved and she said she wasn’t going to discuss it on the phone and I have to go and see her.

Please can someone explain how it works as a process and time wise how long do they take to sort it?

I’ve not had a good experience claiming Income Support and Housing Benefit so am apprehensive, and want to go prepared.



Hi Suzy … without knowing a lot more , unable to assist.

As UC is made up of several benefits , anyone of the components may be involved.

Interview … first time claiming UC , work coach / search , change of circumstances etc ?

Internet search … UNIVERSAL CREDIT INTERVIEWS … throws up a whole host of third party guidance … depending on just what the interview is for.

I will assume that the call was genuine ?

Suzy, just remember that if you are claiming Carers Allowance you cannot be forced to “look for work”. Some poorly trained DWPstaff are unaware of this!

Thanks bowlingbun

I asked her this question and she said “you don’t have to look for work and we will interview you again in 3 years.”

Hi Chris

Thanks for replying.

It’s the first time I’ve claimed Income Support so will have to wait and see what she has to say.

Yes the call was genuine. I got a missed call and rang back. It’s the same jobcentre I have to go where previously there was a mix up with my Income Support application.