Telephone review?

Hi. I had a call saying from someone at the jobcentre stating that they’d like me to book to attend a telephone interview regarding carers allowance which will be roughly half hour long. Could anyone know what this is about and what to expect?

Could be just a routine check. Have you recently made any change in circumstances. Has the person you care for had a change in their circumstances.

I mean by changes …

To weekly salary, in job etc.

Be prepare to answer as much as you can. If you don’t have the information. Ask for more time to collect the information.

Thank you. Well I have no idea nothing much has changed recently. I havent had major changes other than being on furlough and now waiting until September to see if I can return to work… Its just worrying I have no idea what it can be about. Iv been googling and scared myself silly as telephone interviews relate to fraud apparently but that can’t be right I don’t understand it! I have to wait for a callback but its worrying iv never had any contact regarding my carers allowance since I have been claiming

They do this just to check all your circumstances are the same we used to have a guy come around every year, answers to his questions same every, no changes.

The council etc just have to check that things are alright, you are not subletting if claiming housing benefit etc.

And to check your savings, lady who phoned me asked about building society savings, yes i have a savings account theres £32.00 in it.

If you have more than £8,000 or £10,000 savings, some figure like that then it affects housing benefit and other benefits.

Just routine check as long as you are not being naughty then things will be fine.

Thank you! That’s super helpful… Just can’t understand why this can’t be explained beforehand and cause so much worry!

They are checking a bit more now due to that lady who fraudulently claimed over a million pounds worth of benefits, she claimed she was blind, couldn’t walk, needing help washing and dressing.

Benefits investigators saw her driving a car and walking to meet her grandkids.

As long as you are still caring and your circumstances haven’t changed.

You haven’t won the lottery etc then that will be fine.

There are so many people defrauding the system, the council just need to keep an eye on public money

by doing routine checks.