Universal Credit Application

Hi guys hope you are all keeping warm and well.

We have applied online for universal credit a few weeks ago. I know this takes months but should we have had an email or some sort of acknowledgement as there has been nothing and im concerned it hasnt been received.


Unless things have changed, that doesn’t sound right.

The timescales and process are explained here: How to claim Universal Credit: step by step - GOV.UK

I suggest you contact the Carers Uk helpline for advice

You can email us at > adviceline@carersuk.org > and we will respond to your enquiries within 10 working days, although it can often be sooner.

Our telephone helpline providing information is open from Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm - 0808 808 7777



I posted a tax return to the tax office on mum’s behalf by Special Delivery many years ago. She’d left it until the last minute! Months later she received a £100 fine for not sending it in. I told them it had gone SD, I checked, they’d definitely received it.
To cut a long story short, after printing their forms they’d moved offices, so I sent the return to that address.
As they had “received” it, no fine.

Ever since I’ve sent everything SD, I know DWP say not to do it, but at least you can prove whether it’s been delayed in the post, or they’ve lost it once they’ve received it. Always keep copies of all completed forms.

When I worked in a carers centre we always recommended special delivery. We had several cases where people had been refused benefits for not sending in paperwork that had been delivered. Strangely, once they were told it was sent special delivery, they found it. On one occasion, a few years ago now, we bluffed that the paperwork had gone special delivery. Lo and behold, they suddenly found it. But best not to bluff, just in case.

:open_mouth: so they’d rather fine someone/make them fill out 100 odd pages than actually look for it!! Disgusting (as S would say.)


I think it’s worse than that. The post goes to Royal Mail sorting stations where they scan the documents and return things like driving licences, etc., and the rest are shredded. The electronic files are then sent wherever they need to go. The system isn’t foolproof but it’s also easy to ignore stuff like that coming through. When staff are under pressure they can ignore the stuff and blame it on non-receipt, or the system didn’t flag this up to me. Nobody checks. Ever.

And the system is now so far removed from people that there’s no sense that you’re playing with someone’s life.

Social Services staff only see scanned things too now, and I think this is one reason I have to repeat myself endlessly.

In the old days you could send something Special Delivery and write Confidential on it, and it would be opened personally by the addressee, now everything is just electronic.