Universal Credit - why do they call?

Hi. I’m new to the forum. I care for my mum, have been for over 25 years now. We live at the same property as her caring needs are very high. We are obviously financially separate as we’re not a couple, so she receives Enhanced PIP, her Pension and Pension Credit, and I am in receipt of Carer’s Allowance, Universal Credit with the carer’s element and child benefit (my youngest is 10). The past few months have been difficult for me and I am really struggling with depression and anxiety. This wasn’t helped by getting a missed call from Universal Credit today. I have no idea what it was about, and as we head into the Easter weekend, I’m aware that I probably won’t hear from them now til next week, and my anxiety is through the roof, just because I don’t know what they want. I’m aware that as a carer for someone classed as severely disabled, I’m not required to take part in any work related commitments, so why would they be calling me? Is this something they do every now and then even if you’re a carer? I’ve only been on UC for 7 months so this is relatively new to me. None of my circumstances have changed so I’m really confused as to why they might call. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi Tracey,

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I had a phone message saying S had a telephone appointment with UC to discuss his work commitments ( he is unable to use the phone and I’m his appointee.) I questioned it on his journal and it was an error. Log on to your journal and ask what it’a about. They do sometimes contact people to check their circumstances haven’t changed too.


Thank you, I didn’t realise I wasn’t supposed to show my full name, I’ll change it ASAP!

I hope it is an error on their part. All these crazy scenarios are going through my head because I get so anxious about things. Thank you for replying, I really appreciate it.


I was the same with the phone call re S.


I think many people dread calls from benefits depts. just say to yourself there isn’t anything. If needed/necessary that can’t be sorted.