Work Coach Interview

Hi all,
I have received a job centre letter requesting i attend an interview with my “work coach”. I have never heard of this before so any info will be greatly appreciated.
I am 48 and full time carer to my wife who is 58. She has osteoarthritis and stage 4 COPD and a few other issues. She has suffered 3 respiratory arrests in the last 18months and is high risk of further arrests.
We are on the relevant benefits with me claiming carers allowance so i was surprised by the letter.
Thanks in advance for any info

Hi, I used to be a ‘Work Coach’ before I gave up work to care for mum and dad. I worked for a non-profit social enterprise and the job centre contracted out to us and referred people who they deemed to need help finding work. I don’t know why you would be referred in your circumstances, and every area is different. Your job centre may not contract out so the work coach may be in-house, or they may contract to a profit-making firm - all of which operate differently. Sorry I can’t be more help. Programs like this are patchy across the country and the reasons for referral are not always consistent. Maybe give them a ring and ask what this referral is for.

As I understand it, you can be invited for interview, but they cannot force you to “look for work” as you are receiving Carers Allowance. Unfortunately, DWP staff are not always familiar with this rule.

Thanks, i am going to attend as it will be interesting to find out if i can retrain whilst i am caring. This is with a view to going back to work part time as i am fed up with taking total responsibility and being used as a verbal punching bag by my wife.
I will up date when i find out on 8th April!
Do you think they will mind me recording the interview so i have a record of whats said?

Recording interviews ?

Good luck !

Recordings by claimants.pdf

Well i had a phone call today from Job Centre to cancel my appointment for monday. Apparently Southampton JC have no heating or hot water etc so people cant work there. No we can not sanction them for that lol
So i had a phone interview instead. Yes i can get training via a lical college on providing evidence of benefits. Universal Credit will hit me in December 2020.
Am I still caring, how long have I been caring, do i want to go back to work and do i know about Southampton Carers?
Thats it and whats your email address. Speak to you in 2 to 3 years.
Wow, unexciting or what!