Universal Credit increase


Saw the news about Universal Credit increase in April. Is this only for Universal Credit or other benefits as well (carer allowance & DLA)



Inflation rate for most of the benefits making up Universal Credit.
( Common misconception … UC is NOT a benefit … merely the name for a collection of benefits / allowances. )

A whopping 1.8% … still leaving most WORSE off when compared with 2014 … by 10% or so.

( Housing Benefit ? Deserves a whole new thread to explain that one !!!

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support-and-advice/carer-disability-benefits/carers-claiming-benefits-just-how-secure-is-that-roof-over-your-head-housing-allowance-council-tax-problems-34469?hilit=roof )

An election ploy … a few beans as opposed to a whole can ???

According to a politician on TV this morning the period of “austerity” is now over, and working age benefits will soon be increased.


the period of “austerity” is now over.

Not in our lifetimes , BB … probably not for our children either.

The crisis in both social and rented housing will ensure the continuation of austerity for decades to come.

I heard this one a long, long time ago.

Q. How do you know when a politician is lying?
A. His lips are moving!

I rest my case.

Couldn’t agree more , BB.


Trouble is … toss a coin … one of the two will be the next p.m.