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This is the first time Iv been on this forum. Anyway the reason for joining is I’d like to ask a question please?

Right I’m getting ESA In the support group. And nor PIP at standard care and high mobility. I was on low rate CARE on DLA Also we get housing benefit and council tax Benitez as well and because I am on ESA In the support group and our daughter lives with us but works full time the letter says she comes under the same exemption
But now we were advised by the benefits advisor at the doctors that we can now apply for careers allowance for my wife who does not work. But before we do we just wanted to find out what it would change with the rest of the Benefits if any one knows that is or where we could find out please?

Best regards Andy

Hi Andy.

Ideal time to input some figures into an online benefits calculator.

Ideal for those " What if " scenarios as so outlined.

Also , will identify ALL benefits / allowances out there … a potential Council Tax reduction ?

Old money benefits or under Universal Credit.

Any problems with the figures so revealed ?

Just let us know.

Carers Allowance ?

Full sp :

Carer's Allowance: How it works - GOV.UK

hi All

Right i did the online benefits calculator. And it came back saying that i would loose approx $30 so it would mean my wife would end up with around $35 after making up the weekly payments we get… but then someone said it would affect the council tax and the housing benefit. And yet the online benefits calculator.mentioned nothing about that? Is there anywhere that i could go and ask to make sure one way or thee other before we apply for the allowance as we do not want to be worse off simply by applying for the carers allowance?. Its the old age thing they give you in one hand and take it away with the other dont they?

Many thanks regards Osh


Its the old age thing they give you in one hand and take it away with the other don’t they?

Yep and … CAB ?

( Nothing magical about their calculators … same as ours ? )

At the end of the day , only one scenario is needed.

The one that produces the most monies ?

( Be interested to learn … same scenario … under old money benefits , then under UC … a winner both times ?

Or a different scenario needed for each one to produce the most monies ??? )