can anyone advise on what is happening with benefits , why is it that only universal credit gets a helping hand from the goverment , we have all suffered with in covid !

i seen on the news that benefits are been moved to scotland ? is this right ? and saw on the news that carers will get a boost in december ? i was advise that this was only for scotland ? why

HI Dean,
I think the government added £20 a week to UC during pandemic because it isn’t actually enough to live on. Those on legacy benefits/ESA etc who find themselves with a situation change that needs reporting, which in turn triggers a move to UC, always find themselves worse off.

Scottish carers are getting additional money Carer’s Allowance Supplement Bill passed -
This decision was made by the Scottish government, but not by the other nations.


thanks for the reply if this is true then it is unfair to every carer ! in the uk this is not good enough as everyone has suffered not only in scotland !