Change in UC


My wife and I have been receiving Universal Credit for several months. Just been notified of the payment and it seems that they have taken off £156.45 which on previous statements was for “You said that you are caring for one person”.

My wife is my 14 year old son’s carer and he gets DLA at higher rate and has done for many years.

My wife gets carers allowance for my son (which the UC people always deduct from the claim).

The ONLY change we have this month is that my wife has been confirmed as “Limited capability for work and work-related activity” and been awarded an additional £328.32".

Looking back on payments we received in previous months, all other aspects of the claim in terms of payment and deductions are exactly the same.

So, have they made a mistake in taking away the £156.45 or is something to do with my wife being awarded the Limited capacity money - or something else???


Hi Nigel.

UC ?

Low millions have experienced problems with awards under UC as covered , virtually blow by blow , in
the main UC thread :

I would check the UC element by running the present figures through an online calculator :

That should confirm the individual benefits / allowances currently being paid under UC.

Any discrepancies ?

If so , I’ll dig a little deeper to try to isolate the " Problem. "
( ESA and Carers Allowance ? Overlapping benefits … which may explain things ! )

Can carers allowance affect ESA ?

Yes, your carer’s allowance can affect any other benefits you receive including Employment Support Allowance and Jobseeker’s Allowance. … This means that the premium (£34.60) will be included in the amount you receive for ESA.