No carers increase?

The government announced today that those on universal credit would get a weekly increase of over £20 a week. Will there be any increase for those on carers allowance?

On initial reading , no.

( I will assume the carers element within UC ? )

Seems to be for those claiming the work related elements … the key word being WORK.

Housing Benefit changes … extended to carers claiming the carers element ?

No doubt , Carers UK will clarify shortly ?

I wondered about this too.

My Mother is coming home from Hospital next week (age 91) and it will mean 2 Carers coming in 4 times a day.
This really worries me for very obvious reasons (I spoke with a Care Agency today who said they are having trouble accessing hand sanitiser and they have no masks).
It also means I will have to fit searching for food shopping in between visits.
This can be time consuming and possibly using petrol having to trawl round smaller shops if the larger stores have been emptied - I’m concerned then that prices will go up.
Family Carers wouldn’t fit in with the allocated time slots for Health Care and Key Workers and the Elderly (both of which are essential) even though a lot of us Carers are probably trying to find food for very elderly (also very young, and all ages inbetween) family members.

I may be sounding very negative, but I’m worried and anxious (like a lot of people).
Come on Government, think a bit about we Family Carers too, and the struggles we are facing!