Going part time... UC help!

Hi All,

I currently work full time and therefore claim no benefits.

I have been offered a new job working 16 hours per week at £8.21 per hour. This would be a weekly wage of £131.36

I care for my partner full time this is the reason for me reducing to part time work.

A few month ago I got in touch with local advice service who advised me on a 16 hour week contract with £137 per week wages I would be entitled to £89.12 per week universal credit. I am a bit worried in case she was wrong, it is obviously a big leap going from working full time down to part time, I was wondering if anyone has a similar background with wages etc to let me know roughly what they get too on universal credit.

Other background information, partner is on PIP enhanced rates for both, also ESA Contributory Support Group. We have a mortgage together.

Hi Rachael.

First step … an online benefits calculator … great for " What if " scenarios as so outlined :

Earnings … limit of £ 120 per week … 1p more and kiss goodbye to the whole of Carers Allowance.

Some relief … £ 123 from April.

Marshaling income to stay with in the limit … if new to you , I will post details.

Universal Credit ?

My sympathy … like a plague which is spreading.

A quick glance through the main UC thread will confirm that.

Bear in mind that if UC is the title of a book … what’s inside , the individual benefits which make up the total under UC , are the pages !

Mortgage … interest paid under the new " Loan scheme ? "

If so , I will post details.

No joy from the CUK Advice team … recommended to you in your last posting ?


Ponder , crunch some numbers … and then return to us here on the forum with further questions.