Universal credit carers element

I am currently only working 10 hours per week and claiming universal credit, i dont claim carers allowance but was told by a lady at the jobcentre if im registered on u/credit system as a carer i qualify for carers element of u/credit without it affecting my mothers pension credits, however another member of staff has contacted me and told me it will affect her pension credit, can anyone help as im being told different things by different members of staff🤷🏻‍♀️

If you live with your mum it won’t make any difference (shouldn’t, anyway - because your presence in the house already cuts the benefit), but if you live separately, then yes, she’ll lose benefits.

Claim, because if you are doing the hours you are entitled to it. You will then get National Insurance credits, and will not be required to look for work.
Mum will not be entitled to it as she is getting help.
If funds are tight, then ring the Carers UK helpline for a confidential benefits check.