Universal credit and carers allowance

my husband i care for has been made redundant and we have for the first time just claimed universal credit my husband gets standard rate pip does any one know how carers allowance effects universal credit and what is the carers element for universal credit this is a joint claim for universal credit also is there a disability element for universal credit for standard rate pip any advice would be appreciated my husband has now got to apply for jobs to get universal credit but im unhappy as there is no way he could work full time with his health condition

Contact the Carers UK helpline.

On a similar subject the carer helpline did not help. I am hoping someone here will know the answer to my question, please no guesses or questions as to why, I have tried to explain that below to avoid irrelevant answers. Many Thx

My question:

Can one qualify for the carer element of UC but not actually make a claim for that element and still be placed in the no work related group?

If i actually claim the element there is only a few pounds increase for me but a hundred pounds decrease for the person I’m caring for.

We cannot answer questions like this I’m afraid, it is beyond the remit of the forum. All I can suggest is that you get a copy of the Disability Alliance Guide to Benefits, I can’t remember it’s exact title. It is brilliantly written, breaking down a complex issue into plain English. Your local library may have a copy.