Application for Carers Allowance

Good Evening everyone

Would anyone be able to advise what the current waiting time is to receive a response from the DWP in respect of an application for Carers Allowance - I applied just short of 6 weeks ago.

Thank You!

Hi Ashley.

6 weeks and counting ?

Nothing flagged up on an Internet search other than similar questions on other forums … MumsNet and Scope …
one forum member mentioned 14 weeks ( September 2019 ) … and counting.

( MumsNet ? Purely picked up through a search … no way would I venture into that den … even as Christine ! )

Carers Unit contact numbers :

Telephone : 0800 731 0297

Textphone : 0800 731 0317

Rest assured … once granted , the eventual payment will be back dated.

( I assume that you are not infected by Universal Credit on your manor … yet ? )

Thank You very much for your speedy reply

Speedy ?

At my age ?

At least my fingers still work … occasionally.

Sometimes , with my brain in coordination.