Carers allowance new claim

Hello everyone,

First time using carers UK, I have looking after my nana since 2007 working at the same time since my grandad past away. I am 29 now and I have moved back home to look after her full time then the virus hit.

I put a claim for carers allowance in on the 15th of March, not working no other benefits coming in, so as you can imagine money is become a distant memory, anyways still haven’t heard if I have been accepted for carers or even been contacted either way is this normal?

Thank you for any help you can give me in advance.


The benefits system is overloaded at the moment and probably short of staff due to corona, so claims will probably take a lot longer to process at the moment.

I would suggest try giving them a ring. If everything is alright I think you will get the benefit backdated to the day you applied.

That’s the way it normally works.

Or the letter might have got lost/delayed in the Post, Royal Mail as well are affected by Corona.

What I Nana’s financial situation?
Over £23,000 in savings? Yes/no?
Claiming Attendance Allowance?
Does anyone have Power of Attorney?

I too am new to carers allowance, I put a claim in 4th March. It was awarded Friday just gone… I received back pay, so that was about 7 weeks to get it through. So hang in there. It will come good luck.

If you have limited funds, I believe that you can claim Universal Credit and will not be required to work. CA and UC are both "income substitute benefits, so you can have one or the other, not both. DWP will deduct the CA from the UC. Ring the Carers UK helpline if you need full accurate information.