Dla renewal

I am late posting my childs dla forms off after being poorly . A death. And lots of other things .
I recieved a letter today saying my carers allowance will be stopped on the 23 feb .
I don’t work due to my childs needs and I’m single . I get income support and housing benefits.
If my carers stops because dla haven’t renewed . Will I loose my income support and housing benefit too ? I feel sick .

Hi Michelle & welcome

Sorry to hear you have been poorly.

Yes, the loss of Carers allowance in this instance. May well effect the other benefits. As you will be deemed as available for work and expected to search for work. Are you generally in good health and don’t claim for a disability/

As you are presently on income support and housing benefit. Does that mean you on not on universal credit. If you are not and you should temporarily lose housing benefit. You might have to start a new claim (due to change in circumstances) and be signposted to claim universal credit.

There is always a way to rectify everything.

Did you keep copies of your daughter DLA form or the date you posted the form.

You have time to speak to the DWP.

What options did the letter give you.

There should be a statement if you disagree you can etc.

Don’t make yourself ill I know that sounds easier said than done.

Thank you . No I’m not on universal . I’m still on all the old benefits.
I suffer with anxiety and depression too .
I’m hoping my form gets sorted in 3 weeks but I’m not hopeful . I did put a note in about why it’s late .
I have to be home to put my son on the sen transport to school and after school . He can’t be left alone even if I didn’t get dla .
I’m not bothered if I have to wait for dla . It’s all the other things .
If you have a child under 5 you can get income support. There is nothing if you have a special needs child and you need to be home even if you dont get dla .

Have a read of this link …

Apply for a grant from the Family Fund

The Family Fund is a charity that gives grants to ease the stress on families who have a disabled or seriously ill child.

You can apply for help if you’re on a low income and you care for a disabled or seriously ill child at home.

Hi Michelle

Sorry to hear about this, sounds very stressful for you.
You can always contact our helpline who’ll be able to give you information on this. You can contact them on 0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or by email at advice@carersuk.org

Best wishes


Thank you . I looked at some information today . It states you can carry on claiming income support whilst a dla application is being looked at . Until you get a decission.


Was that information referring to you (which would normally mean DLA for you) or did it state waiting for a decision on your child’s DLA.

This is what came up
The person you care for must be getting one of the following benefits, or must have applied for one of them within the last 26 weeks and be awaiting the decision:.

Hopefully you’ll be OK then? When did it lapse?

My sons dla and carees stops 23rd feb .
So I’m hoping that what I have read my income support continues until they make a desicion .

You should be fine in that case.


Your claims may end before a decision is made.

As Jane has said call Carers UK helplines.

If everything stops it will make life hard for you. More form filling, chasing and emails phone calls.