Unable to get booster jab

hi hen i was talking to my own dr about my health she advised that on my notes i have been flagged for a booster jab as our second jab was on the 22 april 2021 , as still not heard from the nhs i tried to book a booster jab i got this result you are not currently able to book through this service ?
alot of people are unable to book there appointments and yet goverment says to book 1 month early

Hi Dean,

I agree this seems to be the situation. My Mum hasn’t had hers yet and although Pet66 has finally managed to booked hers its not until mid/late November.

It might improve once the children go back to school as a lot are getting there first jab and that might be affecting availability of slots.

All I can suggest is too keep trying - frustrating though it is.

Not the same I know, but I keep getting messages to book S his medication and learning disability review - but can never get through to the doctors and even when I can they have no appointments available … in yet are taking on more patients.


dont think children is delaying covid jabs its the way its been organized , they say you can book a month early , then 182 days plus 1 week , then 190 days plus 1 week , what is going on ? so much confusion

I just tried the link every day with no luck. Then when dates were offered they miles away. Eventually I managed to book it for the 12th.Sadly it’s a matter of trying each day.

thanks for the replys i have managed to book a booster jab for both of us but not untill nov 23 rd 2021 which is over a month late ? when we had second jab in april 2021

Keep trying, I kept looking same day and got what must have been a cancellation.

For booking flu jab I selected local point (miles away) and then went to other sites near it and found one closer to home . Seemed a bit random so just keep playing with it until you get a slot.

thanks for the reply i did managed to get boster covid jab for me and wife but not untill 23 nov 2021 , flu jab is booked for 9th nov 2021

Locked. Usual reason