Spring booster jab

Hi, does anyone know if unpaid carers will be offered a Covid booster vaccine this Spring? Thanks in advance.

I have a routine hospital appointment (for myself for a change) this afternoon, so I will make a point of asking and come back to you later.

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Many thanks Chris. It’s so difficult to find anything out online.

My understanding is that they’re now looking to do only one booster a year, so the next one will be in the Autumn. The current information is here: How to get a booster dose of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

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Marie - sorry they weren’t able to clarify it for me!!! The department has had some staff changes recently. All the ones there for more than a decade have been moving away. So many newbies it was CHAOS ! What is normally a simple process - weight-in, pee sample, chat with Doc or Nurse, draw some blood, confirm details with pharmacist - turned into an obstacle course and everyone was being called in different directions and people were asking ‘what does this patient do now?’ Even the senior pharmacist had been dragged in to deal with consultations.

I will see if I can find more info from anyone as need to go to GP to collect a 'script in next two days.

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Thanks so much Chris, so sorry you had such a time of it today. I really appreciate you asking for me. Take care.

I had a look at the Government website

The last update was 3 weeks ago and it says that a further update on Spring 2023 boosters will be issued shortly… How long is shortly, I wonder. I mainly talks about those who’s immunity is compromised or at high risk - again what is High Risk?

Not a lot of help really, but may be worth keeping an eye on that web page as they publish updates there.

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Thanks Chris, yes I saw this too but as you say it’s not very clear. I think what I’ll do is give it a couple more weeks & then just see if I can book it. Thanks for looking. Hope all is going well for you, have a good day. Marie.

Just spoke to admin at central centre as I care for mum who has IBS and other conditions. sadly Carer’s are excluded unless they meet one of criteria.
Over 75, have weakened ammune system or you live in an adult care home.

Flu jab covers Carer’s so why not covid booster seems strange.

Had text inviting me to have booster jab. But I have compromised immunity.

G hasnt had his invite yet. He has cancer, diabetes, cardiac issues,…

Couldnt get appt til end of May.


I do think it is a false economy to not include all Carers as surely it is even more important that we have protection in order to look after our (mostly) loved ones… If not - there is no Care provision so what will happen…???


I agree, I would willingly pay for it like some do for the flu jab.

Hi Chris & everyone,
Thought I’d share that I said something to our GP when I was asking him about a jab for my Mother (who has cancer & is immunocompromised).
Sidebar - initially, he was a little worried for us because the practice isn’t orchestrating them this time, and there are only a few places doing them right now. Thankfully, Boots Pharmacy on our high street has several openings. So, she’ll get it this week.
I wanted to share that our GP reassured me that if you’re Not immunocompromised then the impact on your health should be minimal if you get Covid. Apparently, the most recent variant of the virus is highly transmissible but doesn’t cause severe symptoms. So people can ‘carry & transmit’ but suffer less compared to previous strains. As we all know anyone who has immunocompromised/ any weakened health is still a high risk of severe symptoms.

So, bottom line I think the trigger words are weakened/compromised immune system, otherwise we wait for the next national wave of Covid+Flu jab (these may be a combined injection in the near future)

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Thanks Victoria - I had my booster on Wednesday afternoon. Was trying to ask about G but I was hustled in and hustled out so didnt get a chance. Today at GP everyone was more concerned about G collapsing to ask them about booster, so will have to follow up soon.

He is definitely WEAKENED health!!! I am the one immunocompromised so got priority for a change!