Covid vaccine for over 70 living at home housebound

Hello everyone
I am trying to book a Covid vaccination for someone who has been told he will get the jab at home but has heard nothing.
The website and calling 119 has led no where as it doesn’t give you the right options
Drs surgery said it’s public health england not them who arrange the jabs for housebound

He is over 70 and is clinically vulnerable

Advice from anyone please?

Thanks in advance

Sorry to hear this.
Is it a relative - if so, keep pestering the Surgery.
I had to do this for my Mother. She is housebound, age 92.
I rang our Surgery on Tuesday and was told by Reception they were just as frustrated as us because they had nothing to tell people ringing up asking about home visits.
Tuesday evening I had a call to say if she had had a home visit for a Flu Jab then she would be on a list and it would happen within the next few weeks.
Yesterday I had another call to say someone would be coming today to do it. I asked would they do mine too and was told I’d have to ask when they came out (that may have been to check if I was well too, I don’t know).
Dr came this morning, but didn’t do Mothers as she suspected an Infection and has started her on Antibiotics. However she did do mine.
When I asked when Mother would get another chance, she didn’t know as she said it depended when they got any more Vaccine.
I know it must be a nightmare to organise but its a really worrying situation for Carers and their Carees.
Good Luck. I hope it gets done very soon.

Give this a go … take a look at the web site.

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