Travel to care

Can anyone advise? I travel from the south to a parent in liverpool (now a hotspot) to clean, sort meds, just taken him to a hospital appointment etc Do I need permission? His doctors surgery stated I needed to ‘fill in a form’ on Gov web site, but for life if me can’t find anything under unpaid carers.

Jeanette, sorry, I can’t answer the question you pose, but that’s a huge amount of travelling!
Have Social Services ever done a Needs Assessment for dad?
What would happen if you were unable to travel, if you got ill?
Is he mentally or physically disabled?

You should be able to travel to give support to a vulnerable person, especially if there is no one else available.

Fill in a form for what?

If the surgery want to you to fill in a form then ask them to give you one or email the form or link to download it.

Does your parent have capacity or do you have POA? If you have POA you could show that to the GP when sorting out meds etc and if not, get your parent to write/ sign a letter giving you permission.