Driving a service user to a holiday destination

Hello. I’m an approved Personal Care Assistant (supporting private clients).
The parent of one of my clients (an adult) is expecting me to drive him over 100 miles to his holiday destination.
I am wondering if I’m actually allowed to do this, given the current situation? The parent (my line manager in this case) says that I am, as I’m a carer. I tend to agree, but two people I have spoken to are convinced this is not allowed. The client in question has full mobility, but his complex needs would prevent him getting there without support - and would also prevent him from travelling on the train.
I am fully insured to drive clients - and we would both wear face masks throughout the journey.
The body who have trained and approved me are not responding to emails or phone calls - and I can’t find any straight answers on Google.
I receive regular guidance regarding COVID 19 as an approved personal assistant - but nothing with regards to driving.
Any advice would be much appreciated thanks!

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