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Hi all. I’m sharon. In liverpool. I’m 46 and for 7 years my hubby and I live with my mum and dad (we bought their house). All been fine until dad started losing his sight a few years ago. Well its culminated on him being taken to a mental health unit 15 miles away in southport. He was admitted 5am yesterday morning from A and E. The crisis team think its psychotic depression. Its hopeful he will see a dr, who I assume is a psychiatrist on monday. We saw him yesterday and I’ve accepted hes in the right place. It’s not my dad, hes low, talking ok then off the scale, hes angry and then emotional. His gp put him on mertazapine and he took 7 tablets over 7 days. I dont know if they’ve tipped him over the edge. We are looking after mum as best we can.

My work is ok cos I can work from home (I’m a civil servant). There is a unit 3 miles away from home and first we were told he would go there when theres a bed as it’s closer to home then a nurse in southport was very curt with me and said oh no this is his catchment area but then I spoke to another nurse who said the consultant could rec a move but all things would have to be taken into account. My 2 brothers live in manchester and peterbro. Me or hubby cant drive so how do I get my 83 yr old mum 15 miles to southport? We have access to transport until monday with my cousin coming today and brother tom and Monday but I’m worrying about what happens after that. I know I need to take one day at a time but I cant help thinking weve lost dad and wont get him back. Unless hes medicated and they get him back to his old self

So sorry for the rant but I just needed to put this down. Any help or advice would be great. Thank you.

Hello and welcome!

Have you requested a care needs assessment or not? Is dad on benefits? It may also help if he saw a counselor or therapist as well.

How old is dad? What are his impairments? The nurse sounds rude. I think you need to complain about her behavior and work ethic to the hospital pronto too. Please tell us more about your father.

Dad is 85. Currently hes being observed until he sees a psyc on Monday. He is on benefits and I believe we will have to notify dwp cos they stop his benefits after 28 days in hosp.

Yes. On Monday call. Get advice about his discharge as well. Best wishes!