Tip: Use fewer Gloves for creams etc by wearing foodbags

With gloves in short supply I thought I would give you a “life hack” that might help. If you put a food bag over your gloves when applying creams/ointments to the skin then the left over cream/ointment will be on the food bag and not the gloves. Hopefully you won’t need to change gloves so often when gloves are in short supply.

I personally use this for E45 cream as it prevents my hands from getting greasy. I am not a carer I just saw a news report about shortages of gloves and other PPE and thought this might help. Sorry if it’s not helpful.

If the tips works please spread it as I think the country is going to be using a lot of gloves right now and they are going to be in short supply. Best of luck. Us non carers appreciate your hard work during this trying time.