Purchasing PPE for family carers

I am new to Carers UK and with COVIC-19 the hot topice. There is the prospect that I if my mum’s current carers cannot support her sufficiently it will fall to me (the only local family) to increase the support I give my mum. I am just wanting some advice on where to obtain suitable PPE and advice that will keep as both as safe as possible.

Maybe explain what PPE is?

Personal Protective equipment.

Surely this should all be made available free via Social Services? It’s in the countries interest to keep our elderly well?


They still seem to be available on amazon


Plenty of guidance on the Internet for the LAs and care home providers.

NOTHING for family carers , nor where to source free … presumably , a carer needs to purchase said ppe from a commercial supplier ?

Be interested to learn if the " Normal " price for such ppe has risen … based on a rising demand and / or sheer profiteering ?

Definitely a case of buyer beware when sourcing any " Not well know " ppe ?

Quite a bit on the UK Ebay forums on surgical masks currently being offered for sale.

I’ve always had to buy my own supplies, just gloves for me usually, but also “Attends” sheets, knicker pads and any other incontinence products for my wobbly.

Catheter supplies are on prescription, as is medicine obviously.

Family carers are not the only ones … even NHS staff are having to acquire ppe on the open market ;

Coronavirus : NHS staff " At risk " over lack of protective gear.

Coronavirus: NHS staff 'at risk' over lack of protective gear - BBC News

I use an online firm called Just Gloves https://www.justgloves.co.uk/ and they deliver quite quickly and have plenty of stock. Your only problem may be choosing what type you prefer. When they have them in stock, ScrewFix do a good range of masks but you may not need them unless you are planning to provide end of life care to a person infected with the new SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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