Protective equipment

Hi iv only just joined , and I care for my dad and have done for a while , I was wondering how do I get some gloves and mask’s to protect us both as we are both in the high risk group '. I had been buying these myself as and when we needed them but at the moment unable to get any , I don’t no where to go to get some . I feel a little stuck. Any information would be grateful.

An existing thread will be of assistance here.

As may be expected , ensure whatever is acquired IS genuine … it’s like the wild west out there for ppe.

I always have gloves at home anyway as I need them at times in caring for my wife. I get mine from eBay and bought a pack just last week, there were plenty available then.

I’ve been using latex gloves for some time now, mostly for gardening and dirty household tasks. I get mine from a local hardware shop about £4 - £5 for a box of 300. I’ve still got half a boxful but am now keeping them for when I go shopping !

By the way you can wash the latex ones, just keep them on your hands and wash with plenty of soap and hot water in the same way that we are being told to wash our hands. Then drape them over a towel rail to dry and you can re-use them.

I there is a Halfords or similar near you, they probably have some. May not be the same colour, but just as good. My son is a mechanic for the local council, he never knows what he’s going to be dealing with so wears gloves all the time at work. His hands are softer than mine now!!

Advice on protective gear for NHS staff was rejected owing to cost.

Exclusive : DoH dismissed call for eye protection – now needed for coronavirus – in 2017.

The Department of Health rejected high-level medical advice about providing NHS staff with certain protective equipment during an influenza pandemic because stockpiling it would be too expensive, the Guardian can reveal.

Advice on protective gear for NHS staff was rejected owing to cost | Coronavirus | The Guardian