Still no masks

A week ago the rules on PPE changed. Care Workers attending Non symptomatic Shielded individuals should wear apron, gloves and now a mask. Where we live they were supplied with 50 masks. They have not managed to organise another delivery. To comply with the rules they need 80 masks a day to deal with the 10 shielded people on this site. It is a woeful situation.

An article in the first edition of today’s Guardian sums it up :

Ministers 'must be open with NHS about PPE shortages' | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Ministers ‘must be open with NHS about PPE shortages’

Top hospital boss says frankness is only way to help service, even if opponents ‘weaponise’ admission

NHS … same problem for paid care workers … and for many family carers , who have to source their own.

I just wondered where you are getting masks from? My father has tested positive for Coronavirus. I have been trying to source some but getting no where. I looked at Screwfix but they are now just providing them for NHS workers. Any suggestions? Than k you.

Be careful on line loads of scams about.

Second that warning !!!

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