There is no help anymore

Hi following my previous posts I may aswell just consider everything well and truly over. The system has failed me and I can’t carry on anymore, I just want it all to go away. Social services are useless, the police seem more bothered about using parking fines than anything.

I am just done. A week from now i am going to have to prepare to be an orphan because I am going to loose mum. I am going to loose what is left of my little family all because the system is stuffed and the government are more bothered about money.

Tonight mum told me she has taken many overdoses but has not told anyone. Yet I call social services and safeguarding and it’s not good enough for them do do anything.

I don’t know what more I can do. The police are useless and can’t see cold hard fact in front of them. The man has also raped multiple women spent time in jail many times, but no give him the benefit of the doubt whilst there is no evidence.

Only in hull this could happen, no support whatsoever. Mum has an idva, a social worker, carers, a care coordinator for her mental health. So many people all giving evidence but It is ignored.