Fed up being let down by the system

Hi all, I am fed up,with a stupid system that does nothing nothing only up set. The start of this year has been a crap one for me with my parents in and out of hospital but getting nothing but grief for trying to keep the house straight but also just endless abuse for sweet FA. Social services are to blame but also the mental health service. When dad was last in hospital, I was not only had mum and her sister giving me abuse but also bullying from social services with dad. The hospital wanted a hospital bed put I but also extra help for me but when we asked about grants as they wanted the work being done straight away that the social worker wouldn’t speak to us about it, only unless we did what they want there was no help so the social worker was dismissed and dad signed him selfout as we could not afford to pay both for care and building work. I was glad that he did come home as mum and her sister had put me in a situation where I was at breaking point and now have ended up with life changing effects on my body. Mum social worker wouldn’t help but it was me backed into a corner where I nearly said that it and do something silly but still here thanks to the GPS. The latest episode with mum was we had caught that bug that was going around and she ended up in hospital as there was fluid still on the lungs and when she went for a ct scan, she needed CPR which has brought her back. Whilst she has been in, I was not only looking after dad but sorting out items to go out and in between keep the house going, the bed manager decided to move her from one hospital to another which happen to be the same ward that dad had been on when he was last in. This week I finally had a wisdom tooth out which has been waiting some time, was hoping for a easy week to recover but it did not happen as yesterday the hospital decided to send mum home but no one had spoken to us until yesterday coming back from seeing someone for dad mobility. So when I got home everything I had done had to go all back upstairs but not put away tidy but in a mess as I only had 1 hour to get things clear for mum to get in through the door, a lot of hard work gone to waste. On top of that mum gone back to her old ways doing what she wants and not listening to anyone else which is upsetting me as I have put things on the chair to protect them from wetting accidents but is just going and not moving and I want to clean it up but she will not let me and started telling lies about me to her sister again. I feel like the hospital just wanted the bed than help sort out support or anything else. Like medicine which needs a suringed but lucky I know what I am doing from doing the same with meds for my dog. I am waiting to see what mum social worker will say the way things are but feel like I am going to have to move on.

It all sounds VERY stressful, Michael.

Hugs and prayers coming your way pronto.

It does sound mega stressful Michael. I hope you can move on. You are entitled to some life

After I had a Wisdom tooth out I was on heavy duty pain killers for a month. If you can’t do much, don’t. Tell Social Services they arranged this situation so they must give mum all the care she needs, not assume you are able to do anything!

Thanks, yes so stressful. I have told mum care manger/social worker but as usual in through one ear and the other.