Still no progress

Hi all, it has been a while. I have been trying to focus on bettering myself to no avail.

The problems with mum just continue to get worse and worse but there are no signs of any help. She also isn’t listen to advice to avoid problems and just says “I have to find out for myself.” Then when it does go wrong, I get dragged in constantly and am expected to wave a magic wand. She has been the victim of domestic violence, fraud, theft, cuckooing, and harassment in the past year by multiple people, and every time the police, social services, and the safeguarding teams in the area have done nothing leaving me to pick up the pieces. I’ve had threats of violence aimed at me by her friends, and yet she just says “I am stopping her having friends.”

The police don’t follow anything up, meanwhile safeguarding teams actively say “its not their problem.”

This month also marks a year she has been on the waiting list for ‘URGENT assisted accommodation.’ I have tried multiple times to speak to someone in charge and I never get a call back even though they say they will.

She has carers but they are useless. I am fed up of it.

Today, she has someone to fix something in her home. Yet, I cannot get in touch with her, her phone is switched off and she hasn’t been on social media for nearly 24 hours. Something is very wrong. If she isn’t home when they try to fix the problem she will be charged, or I will be charged. So I now have to leave work early and miss out on pay to wait for them. Once again she has gone awol. I have spoken to the carers who say that they saw her yesterday, but she isn’t on their rounds today, but they will call by ‘if’ they get a chance. Why is no one taking someone that hasn’t been heard from in 24 hours seriously?

I just cannot do this anymore, I am really worried. I have stuff to deal with myself too.

I found a lump under my skin, and I am waiting for a doctors appointment to have it looked at. I am very worried especially after its nearly the anniversary of dads death this month. Yet instead of being able to deal with this, I have to deal with more crap from her. I haven’t told anyone about the lump, because I don’t want to put more on people.

I just cannot do this anymore, I feel like I aren’t progressing in my life because I am so emotionally exhausted. I am single and have very few friends, and I don’t plan to change that because I just feel like I can’t invest emotionally.

Hey coolcar98, it’s a shame nothing is being done or for the better. Some sort of intervention is needed, when you see the doctor about that lump, tell them of the situations. Also speak to citizens advice they might be able to help. Good luck.