Failed by the NHS

Hi all, so I’m stuck in a massive predicament.

Unfortunately my mums mental health state has been going downhill since a strong case of DA. She also has needs I cannot meet. I was forced out of my home by the person committing DA and they turned my mum against me. Bare in mind they are known to social services for abusing another family member years ago, services do not seem to care.

My mum needed me to pay bills and help her with finances but I can no longer do this. The DA person is a known financial abuser.

Mum and I were under mental health services to help us. We had family therapy and I regularly mentioned the person committing DA. I spoke to mums care coordinator the other day and instead of helping just said that she was going to drop us because my mum has ‘capacity.’ Basically she wants to remove any help because mum can say if she needs help or not.

I am now living with my boyfriend and under my mums needs I was not allowed to go out because she was too scared of being alone. If I went back I would have to give up my partner. I would also be walking back into abuse from the family member who is committing DA. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to go back but mum needs help and they are giving up. She does have capacity but doesn’t understand the type of therapies.

Go back to Social Services, explain what you’ve told us and tell them that this is a Safeguarding case and they must take action. If they fail to do so, they need to understand that you will hold them individually and severally liable (that is as individuals and as an authority). Better still, get legal advice for the same purpose. You can usually get a free consultation on this sort of thing,

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I agree with charled
Definitely mither them I sure would or go to the police and also there are loads of DA helplines too just look in most female bathroom stalls and you can probably look them up online

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Request another meeting with social services. Discuss everything.