The Truth About Disability Benefits is being shown at 7.30pm

Channel 4

It’s a Dispatches documentary investigating the unexpected deaths of disabled benefits claimants, including those who have taken their own lives.

It’s been scheduled at short notice, which is why we’re taking the very unusual step of sending out an email between our normal newsletters.

Because the DWP will be taking very careful note of viewing figures for this programme.

Thanks Sunnydisposition. I missed the beginning, but watched most of it. Unfortunately it confirms many members’ experiences of the system.

It exposed how the DWP commissioned reviews of their service’ but leaders didn’t know or act on recommendations from lessons learnt not of improvements.

Ties in with this


I think this may have slipped through many carers not watching the programme. I think anything to do with social care and/ or benefits. People need to be mindful off and have some knowledge. The benefit system has become very complicated and many people are unaware what to do. If they are knocked back by the DWP and how to appropriately challenge their corner.