Can anyone advise?
Received letter to update/amend details regarding Carers allowance. When talking to the gov employee over the phone she told me I haven’t received carers since Aug 2017 as I didn’t inform them of new address. My mother was in the hospital in Aug 2017 and died a week later.I then had to move house so as you can imagine some things were forgotten about when grieving e.g informing them of my new address.My son also had extreme difficulty with the move so the first few months were spent not getting any sleep etc.
The lady on the phone said she was reinstating my claim but I forgot to ask for it to be backdated (Ive been in receipt of Carers allowance for years.).I know they usually backdate Carers for 3 months but I know there are also extenuating circumstances which you can request having it backdated further. Would my circumstances be classed as this to request it being backdated from Aug 2017? There are genuine reasons why I forgot to inform them I had moved as mentioned, my mother’s death, moving house, exhaustion from son being unable to settle and then in the Octob 2017 my son experienced trauma at school and has been at home since…so I have been rather tired and haven’t kept a close eye on my bank account as had a lot to do.Regarding my caring situation my circumstances havent changed at all.If anyone can advise id be grateful.Many Thanks

If you received a letter from them then surely that means they did have your address?

Its ok They had already sorted it getting it all backdated.

Well done, enjoy your “windfall”.

I am pleased to hear this worked out for you. I am in a similar position so I’m pleased to hear they are being reasonable. In my case the lack of Carer’s Allowance is partially offset by overpaid DLA/PIP. Hopefully they will take the view I take that overall they owe us money as a couple so won’t be too awkward about overpayments of DLA/PIP. I am in the process of getting someone to deal with DWP on both our behalves as I’ve finally realized I’ll never be able to deal with it on my own. They might even get us a backdated council tax reduction too.