Are you allowed to see your costings?

Hi all,

Can anyone tell me if it’s allowed for the service user receiving either DP or a PB can see information regarding their funding, how it’s worked out, and how it’s divided up into which carer gets paid what for what…

It’s my understanding you’re supposed to have a breakdown of funding sent out to you when you have your annual review completed and the years funding approved.

Has anyone had any joy actually seeing the figures, if so, how did you manage it? Is it all subject to a SAR or is there another way you’ve seen the balance sheet.


In Hampshire an officer visits, does a full assessment and gives you a written calculation before he leaves, usually every 2-3 years. In between, when benefit rates change, they just adjust the figure slightly. Done by the Financial Assessment Team, not a social worker. Do you think you are paying too much. Are you told about DRE, Disability Related Expenditure?

No, it’s not about how much is being charged. We’re trying to get the information/costing that’s sent to the budgeting panel for approval, that sort of thing.

Did you know that a “panel” is supposed to be unlawful? So they call it something else instead!
Do you think they are not allowing enough per hour? Or?

Really? No, I didn’t. How so?

Yeah, more or less. I feel like we should be entitled to see how they work out the costs of things, especially with direct payments since it’s about “choice and control” but they seem really cagey about how exactly they price things when working out how many hours support you get out of your budget.

I suppose because they don’t like you knowing exactly how much funding you get, so you can’t find out if they’re not fulfilling their legal obligations and what not…

There are several steps to the process, and the Care Act Guidance says they must be “transparent” about the process.
First, assess needs.
Then decide how many hours are needed. Then decide how much is needed to meet the needs of that particular client living I their actual home, not a theoretical person living somewhere else.
Just tell us what’s happening in your carees case.
What’s the problem???