DWP blackmailing

The DWP have finally capitulated after blackmailing me to attend a work focussed interview and if I didn’t they would sanction my very ill partner. The DWP wrote to both of us seperately.
They’ve tried this several times in the last 2 or 3 years but they always stop when I show them they are wrong.
This time they really went for it in what is an unlawful way.
The DWP even lied to my MP claiming that I wasnt getting any benefits and I’d never been assessed.

All I can think about is all those poor people who they do this to who haven’t got the strength that I have.
Needless do say they exacerbated my health problems which impacts me also as a carer for another very ill person.
I didn’t get any replies to any of my letters or an apology.
I am still very very angry with the DWP.
No doubt they will try and blackmail us again next year.

Take this is a warning, they are trying this stunt with other esa support group members. But they try and blag you by saying its a meeting with a work coach for a chat on the job centre. We’ll it’s not a chat it’s a WFI. they lie.

Colin, this year there have been a number of people here claiming CA, who have been asked to attend a WFI. Staff don’t know the rules, but we do!

I haven’t applied for CA because they would take it from our benefits pound for pound.
But the DWP know exactly what benefits they pay me, its on their database but they just lie and blackmail my partner and I.
My MP is a Tory who had voted in favour of the last 70 or more cuts to disabled welfare. So apart from my MP getting a report on my benefits from the DWP where they lied to him and i can prove it. I am trying not to go round and round in circles with this. I suffer with mental health problems but what they are doing feels like torture.

Because they keep doing this to us and then do nothing they know I am right.
Ive got the evidence. But they just lie.
I don’t know what protection there is for us.
I don’t think there is any.

I’ve had traveller’s tarmac my drive twice in the past and never ever had any problems with them, they have always been as good as their word. But the DWP???


Implied that you are seeking work … hence the support group … I assume the " Work related activity group " … see below … hence the periodic nudge to attend an interview ?


Work-related support

Following your Work Capability Assessment you’ll be placed in either the work-related activity group or support group if you’re entitled to ESA.

Work-related activity group

You must go to regular interviews with an adviser > who can help with things like job goals and improving your skills.

Support group

You do not have to go to interviews> , but you can ask to talk to a personal adviser. You’re usually in this group if your illness or disability severely limits what you can do.

Under Universal Credit , a different ball game :


How long you’ll get ESA for

New style and contributory ESA last for 365 days if you’re in the work-related activity group.

There’s no time limit if you’re in the support group, or if you’re getting income-related ESA.

IF in that " Work related " group , transfer across to the " Support " group seems logical … provided the monies remain the same ?


if you’re entitled to ESA, you’ll be placed in one of 2 groups and will receive:

up to £73.10 a week if you’re in the work-related activity group.

up to £110.75 a week if you’re in the support group.

( Work related ESA + income support / carers premium … ??? … equals Support group ESA ??? )

Is the carers allowance plus income support still an option … as opposed to ESA ???

Bearing in mind a time delay … IS not granted untoil CA is confirmed ?

Same option available under Universal Credit ?

Both disabled and caring for each other … one’s benefits may rise at the expense of the other’s ?

A job for the Carers UK Advice Team me thinks … a once and for all solution ?


Usual caveat … best by email.

Just some thoughts by way of an explanation.

There is no legal mandate to force anyone in the ESA support group to attend a work focused interview.

But they keep making the story up that I am not being paid any benefits which is a lie they keep using to blackmail me to attend a wfi. They don’t say wfi in their first letters only when I told them to stop pretending it’s not a wfi did they use the term wfi.

They claim I am only having my basic NI stamp paid and that I’m not bring paid any benefits. They claim I have never been on incap benefit and that I was never assessed for incap benefit. Which is all lies, I have the documented proof.
But they don’t listen to me or respond to my letters.

They’ve backed off again and not gone through with the sanctions against my partner.

I’ve only recently been awarded the severe disability premium. So the job centre aint kidding me or anyone else.

Thanks for that info Chris.
Tbh I am starting to think these attacks by the local JC are personal and I want to know why. They know what benefits I’m on they can look it up on their database.
What I don’t understand is why they keep lyng and have now lied to my mp.

But thanks to the cuts to legal aid we have no protection.

Your welcome.

CUK Advice Team next stop ???

Will do that Chris, thanks mate.

Your welcome … as would be a drop of single malt !

You are making a rod for your own back, just apply for CA.

I had an email back from the advice line to say they are no longer doing telephone queries, only by email.
For information :wink: