PIP consultation and review closes 12th July

Government PIP Green Paper Review

Modernising support for independent living: the health and disability green paper

Published 29 April 2024 Open until 12th July 2024

Ministerial foreword
My priority as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions is to make sure our welfare system is fair and compassionate. Fair on the taxpayer by ensuring people of working age who can work, do work, and fair on those who are in most need of the state’s help. Welfare at its best is about more than just benefit payments; it is about changing lives for the better.

That’s why this government has introduced a series of reforms that have brought greater fairness to the welfare system whilst supporting the most vulnerable. We have overhauled an outdated and complex legacy benefit system and introduced Universal Credit, a new modern benefit that ensures people are better off in work than on benefits.

Consultation Questionaire](Microsoft Forms)

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The government has now discovered the true level of disability in the UK and can’t believe it! Surely a better solution is to provide better services to make people well again, as quickly as possible, not putting them on an endless waiting list and threatening them when they are in pain? My knees were ruined in a car accident, every step was painful, one night I woke up 13 times! I now have knee replacements happily pain free. There used to be workshops for the disabled, but they have largely closed down. I once visited one near Bournemouth for people with learning difficulties. A local cosmetic company used their services to assemble things like lipstick cases, it was a very happy place. The idea of everyone getting the National Minimum wage is fine in principle, but if people can only work at half speed their value to an employer is only half. Would employer subsidies be a solution?

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