Carers allowance overpayments / repayments


My name’s Kieran and I work at Sky News.

There was a story in the Independent yesterday about how some carers are being forced to pay back carers allowance they may have been inadvertently overpaid. … ehQFFcK1LI

I am working on a story about this, and would like to hear from anyone this has happened to.

If this applies to you, and you would like to speak o us (on camera - though we can anonymise you), please get in touch.

My number is 0207 032 2100, and my email is

Many thanks,

Hi Kieran.

Main thread on the DWP purge :

All WE know as I type posted on that thread.

We cannot speak for CUK !

Plenty around on the forum threads to make your eyes really water … even question your own sanity … if you are somewhat inquisitive ?

Liaising with us has it’s merits … the view from The Street ?

ps. Email address … reply sent bounced back !