Supporting Service Users

I am a Support Working caring for a client with learning difficulties and health issues. The client used to have 1 to 1 each morning, he would spend this time in shops. Due to the COVID 19 situation that was reduced, he has very limited understanding of the dangers, and has removed his mask in a shop whilst exhibiting behaviours. I do not know where I stand with supporting this individual. Should we be limiting his exposure to other people, or continue daily trips on public transport and taxis

This is a forum for unpaid carers, however my son is brain damaged. Have you heard of the sunflower lanyard scheme? These lanyards are becoming more popular, and indicate that someone has special needs. They are apparently now available in all Tescos. For his own good, I would suggest that your client doesn’t go into high risk areas, but should not be required to wear a mask if he finds them distressing.

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