Concerned and can't sleep

I’m looking for advice ,
I am a unpaid carer who works, my hours have been reduced back to 2 clients once a week totalling 5 hrs and get Carers Allowance & Universal Credit topping up my wages .
In th first lockdown I didn’t go to work as sheilding covered over 70’s . This third lockdown doesn’t cover them this time in shielding . So clients are expecting me to go to work as is my boss, I am a domicilary cleaner and as a WHO report has found COVID 19 can be found in urine, feaces &saliva . I am worried about cleaning bathrooms and changing bedding , Washing clothes/ towels I have good PPE (ffp3 ),mask ,gloves and aprons but so scared at bringing covid home after not going anywhere for so long and being so careful.
To keep my mum who has lung, heart, liver and kidney conditions and both arthritis’s, safe . We live together and I am her only carer and support as my brother works away for long periods. We are okay and covid has brought mum and I closer, but so scared. We never got a letter but is clinically vulnerable due to long existing lung condition similar to copd (70+ yrs) and only got a text msg from GP at beginning of first lockdown saying I (meaning Mum) should sheild.
They have my mobile for emergencies and I don’t have any health problems except mild allergic rhinitus.
I could never forgive myself if I brought covid into the house an she got ill. What are my rights ? :-???

Hopefully you should be able to find the answer in these links.

Dear Karen

Have you contacted our adviceline yet?
Please do try them and they’ll be able to help
good luck