Carers come in

Apologies if this has been covered previously, but my husband Is bed-bound and has an auto-immune Disease which leads to many complications as you can imagine. I work part-time in a school but must now stay at home on the advices of the Head Teacher in order to Social Distance as much as possible to protect him. Our 17 year old son is social distancing too, now school has finished.

The problem is, my husband has to have 2 Carers helping him with Personal Needs 4 times a day. This is terrifying us, as obviously each of those Carers are then going to other people, hugely increasing the risk of coming into contact with Coronavirus.

The Carers are, in the main, fantastic, but the Company itself is useless, no advice other than telling them to “wear gloves and wash hands “. Does anybody in the same position as me have any tips on what I can do to further protect him? One of them comes on a motor cycle and leaves his helmet& gear in the kitchen, should I tell him to leave it outside the house for example? Or is that unreasonable, as I guess he could say it’s no different to them taking their coats off?

Many thanks if you’ve taken the trouble to read this x

Stop worrying about other people’s feeling. And do what’s right for you and your family now.

I would say leaving his helmet and gear outside would make it liable to being stolen. That could have repercussions for him and the folk he carers for. Perhaps have a newspaper on the hall floor for him to place it on or a bin liner for him to place it in. I’m sure he’d understand if you explained.

My sister antibacs anything she takes into my Mum’s house. That would be another alternative - but it’s hard to know where to stop.