Hello! Shopping for the vulnerable


I’m new here and thankful I have found this site. I care for an ex partner that has quite a few problems including heart failure. He can’t get out or walk very far due to his conditions. I am currently shopping for him but going at 8-10pm at night. I telephoned my local Tesco asking them if there was a pass to qualify to shop at the earlier times but the lady said only if I had a uniform or badge. Is this correct?

Karen xx

Hi Karen, welcome to the forum.

The issue of lists that don’t list everyone is a hot potato at the moment. They were talking about it on Martin Lewis’s slot on TV this morning. in theory, the GP can put you on a list, but apparently some GP’s don’t know what they are supposed to do or who they are supposed to tell, so they suggest Social Services, who in turn, are telling people to contact their GP!!

The issue of identifying carers is also a problem. We don’t have any sort of badge. Personally I think anyone disabled should be given a card, which they can give to their carer who is shopping for them. Lots of us would like better identification.

I have discovered that the smaller Tescos are better than the larger ones. I needed to get a few bits this morning, no queue at all in our smallish Tesco. So much depends on where you live I’m afraid.

How old is your ex? Is he receiving DLA, PIP, or Attendance Allowance?

Has he received a 12 week letter.

I show Blue badges and use them for identification to show I am dealing with someone disabled.
Or one of my caree’s has a medical card to get free prescriptions, I can use that as well.

But yes we have no identification, as unpaid carers.

Am I the only one who is getting VERY annoyed at the term “unpaid” carer??

The COVID Adult Social Care Plan Item 3.6 page 23, goes on about how they recognise the crucial role unpaid carers play, the invaluable difference to the lives of the people we support and are an integral part of our health and social care system. “At this time, their role is even more important. Unpaid carers are providing higher levels of support than they normally would and at the same time access to respite care is limited……”

So why do we get NOTHING AT ALL the extra care we are giving???

The National Carers Strategy says unpaid carers should be Valued, Recognised and Supported.

This is guidance for Social Services and the NHS.

So why aren’t we, what is going wrong?

Good question. I feel anything but valued, recognised, or supported.

I’d like family carers to be recognised as someone crucial to someone else’s life.
Whenever my son has had a problem with his carers, Social Services remember that I exist.
But whenever I want them to do something, it’s a different matter.
Trying to get information out of them is like getting blood out of a stone. I ask for copies of policy about personal budgets, for example. I don’t get a copy of the policy, but a sort of explanation from someone who thinks she knows. Then I have to ask again, and then ask what sort of personal budget it is?!


My ex is 57 and he in receipt of all benefits including pip and daily living allowance.

I was thinking of taking my letters with me but didn’t want the embarrassment of being turned away. Or people thinking I was jumping the cue. I agree allot of organisations are confused what they should be doing in this crisis. And are passing around in a circle.
I can’t believe there is nothing for us!


We are just invisable, no uniforms, no badges, need a big 30 foot banner to take round, I am an unpaid carer don’t ignore me.

There just is so little publicity regarding unpaid carers.

I have a unpaid carer ID card with my photo on from my local carers group.


From above web site…

Covid 19

Through the Covid 19 uncertainty we are offering the Carer Card for £5 for one year and are opening this up to paid carers if they’re employed by you directly as a disabled person

Hello Sunnydisposition

This is great! I would be interested in the carers card. Do you get a card sent to you or do you print the card yourself?


You need to read the above attached link’s. And decide for yourself.


On Thursday I went to a farmer’s market to get some more fruit. I took my cared for with me in his wheelchair. I also have a laminated set of flashcards in my bag that explains a little bit about spina bifida too and answers often asked questions. Will that work or not? I made it myself one day three years ago when he was a tiny baby as a means of educating people. Since the lockdown started, I have either done my shopping alone at the farmer market on Thursday or online shopping for any essential non food items like toilet paper and protractors etc. So I rarely encounter issues.